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What's Next for the Future of Collectibles?

The future of collectibles lays far beyond traditional card collections
The future of collectibles lays far beyond traditional card collections / THOMAS BENDER/HERALD-TRIBUNE / USA TODAY

At just 45 years old, Gary Vaynerchuk has assembled an extensive resumé. He holds dual CEO titles with the award-winning ad firm VaynerMedia and the holding company VaynerX, and is also the founder of the sports agency VaynerSports. Most recently, he is riding the high of the success of the first-ever VeeCon, an exclusive gathering of NFT and Web3 enthusiasts that took place in Minneapolis in May. 

But this only scratches the surfaces of the multiple projects that he has cooking at any given time. 

Through it all, Gary Vee has harnessed his power of prediction to get ahead of some of the biggest trends across multiple industries. 

Recently, Gary Vee sat down with Boardroom co-founder Rich Kleiman to discuss the trends dominating today’s culture. In the wide-ranging conversation, the two discussed the future of collectibles, and how in a changing market, they’re somehow more relevant than ever.

What Collectibles Excite Gary Vee the Most?

As an avid collector himself, Gary Vee sees the power of community in the collectibles industry. These days, he keeps a keen eye on multiple markets, including comics, sports, cards, sneakers, and even VHS tapes.

But he also sees great promise in the future of NFTs because they are digital and highly scalable. 

How Do Collectibles Become Assets?

Perhaps the most surprising thing that he sees in the current market is how the nostalgia for the past transcends age. For the next generation of collectors, the opportunity presented by your favorite VHS tape or throwback kicks is more than just a memory, it’s an investment. 

“If you go look at TikTok accounts of 15, 16, 17-year-olds — this is crazy — you have 16-year-olds that have in their bio, ‘investor.’ … This is profound. I couldn’t find a dude to talk to me about business in high school. Now you’ve got everybody,” Gary Vee told Boardroom. 

As a result, for Gary Vee, the future of the collectibles industry is rooted in its evolution as an asset class. He sees youth digging deeper into the space and enhancing its value over time. 

Simply put, alternative assets are popular culture. 

“Investing has become pop culture-ized, which is making all this money come in, which allows for all these new genres. Most of those 16-year-olds with ‘investor’ in their profile, they don’t have that much money [right now] – but they will,” Vaynerchuk told Kleiman. “And they’ll be 26 real quick and when they all hit, these Gen Z investor kids, that’s going to be the culture. That’s going to be what’s cool.” 

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