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Roster Construction

There are two ways to play during every tournament, one for the early rounds and one for the late rounds. Player scoring is the same for each round. And you can draft both men and women on the same roster.

Early Rounds

The Full Roster game style is available every day of a tournament up until the Quarter-Finals. Just fill all 6 positions in your roster without going over the $100 salary cap to play.

Late Rounds

The Late Rounds game style covers the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals of a tournament. Just pick an MVP (worth 1.5X points), a STAR (worth 1.25X points) and a third player.


Scoring Guide

Match Event
Best of 3 sets
Best of 5 sets
Match played
60 pts
60 pts
Match won
12 pts
10 pts
Match won in straight sets
12 pts
10 pts
Set won
12 pts
10 pts
Set won to love
10 pts
7 pts
Game won
6 pts
4 pts
Set lost
-6 pts
-5 pts
Game lost
-4.8 pts
-3.2 pts
Double fault
-2 pts
-2 pts
1 pts
0.6 pts
Break point won
1.5 pts
1 pts
Opponent retired
20 - 40 pts
16 - 40 pts

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