VIDEO: View From Skydiving Into Mile High Stadium Looks Incredible

Zach Brunner
View from skydiving into Mile High Stadium looks incredible.
View from skydiving into Mile High Stadium looks incredible. / pneuma33/Reddit

Playing games in Denver is always notable for the high altitude. However, the Denver Broncos have taken this to the next level, having people skydive into the stadium on game day. Not only is this an impressive feat to get right, the view from above looks just as incredible.

This was not a one-off occasion. The Broncos have had skydivers fly into the stadium with fans on more than one occasion. There are a few things that could go terribly wrong, including someone getting seriously hurt.

Yes, these are professionals. However, one sudden wind change and these divers could end up flying 50 miles per hour into the packed stands. Still, when done right, it's a thing of beauty for both the diver and the fans. So far, so good.

While there may be fewer fans in the stands to witness the skydivers in Denver this season, it would be awesome to get more first-person views of the dives. This, combined with the new, exciting offense of the Broncos, gives Denver fans a lot to look forward to this season.

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