Matt Ryan Has Hilarious Response to Super Bowl Ad

Tyler Maher
Matt Ryan had a hilarious reaction to Sam Adams' new Super Bowl ad.
Matt Ryan had a hilarious reaction to Sam Adams' new Super Bowl ad. / ASSOCIATED PRESS

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, many companies have already begun releasing or teasing their commercials that will run during the game. That includes Boston-based beer company Sam Adams, which will continue its running bit with the "Your Cousin From Boston" character.

The company is advertising its new brighter beer which, according to the commercial, will create a brighter Boston where everyone is friendly and nice to each other. This prompted a hilarious response on Twitter from NFL quarterback Matt Ryan, who is looking forward to a world with kinder New England Patriots fans.

Sam Adams Super Bowl Ad

Ryan, of course, was at the center of the Atlanta Falcons' historic meltdown against the Patriots during the Super Bowl in 2017. Ryan and his teammates blew a 28-3 lead in the second half and ultimately lost the game in overtime, spawning endless ridicule (as well as a movie) over one of the most notorious chokes in professional sports history.

While six years have passed, Atlanta's collapse still clearly haunts Ryan, who probably thinks about it even more this time of year when the big game rolls around. Unfortunately for Ryan, he's never going to live that one down, especially now that his career is winding down and he appears unlikely to win a Super Bowl before retiring.

Boston may be brighter, but New England fans are never going to forget Super Bowl LI and the role Ryan played in it.

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