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The Buffalo Bills have been chasing the rest of the AFC East for close to 20 years now. Since 2000, every one of their division rivals has won the division, but there's a big fat zero next to the Bills in the AFC East division championship column.

While the ​New England Patriots have racked up six Super Bowl wins and nine Super Bowl appearances during that time span, the Bills have made the playoffs just one time, as a Wild Card team in 2017, and Buffalo lost 10-3 to the Jacksonville Jaguars in that game.

And when you need to hype up your fan base for a team likely to finish in the bottom half of the AFC East once again, you take the career rushing yards of two 30-plus-year-old backs in the back end of their respective careers and you tout the fact that they've combined for the most career rush yards by a duo in NFL history. 

A combined 25,354 yards – 14,748 yards from Frank Gore and 10,606 from LeSean McCoy. That's surely a lot of miles on those tires as we head into the 2019 NFL season.

And the Twitter replies were mostly what you might expect them to be. It was one of those shaking-my-head moments by a franchise clearly grasping for straws. 

If this is what your team is hanging its hat on, you might be in for another rough season.

The old man jokes were the most common thread of the replies, but then again, these are two future Hall-of-Fame running backs.

The fact is that McCoy and Gore are a great running-back duo. They're just likely teaming up a little too late in their respective careers. 

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