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BREAKING NEWS: The good people of Ohio love their concession stand delicacies, especially nacho cheese. 

While eight tons is a visually startling number to read, the statistic isn't overly surprising when you break it down. Ohio Stadium holds just under 103,000 people and its estimated that about 713,000 people watched Ohio State football games there this past season, which is a significant amount of traffic. Plus, Ohio is a state that is not only known for its dairy production but also its frigid winters, so it's understandable that the Ohioans attending the chilly late-fall and winter games at Ohio Stadium could be turning to nacho cheese as a form of external heat.

Here are some fun statistics to put this amount of cheese into context: 

- The eight tons of nacho cheese eaten equates to 16,000 pounds or 7257.5 kilograms (kg) of nacho cheese.

- 2018 Ohio State starting quarterback,  Dwayne Haskins weighs 220 pounds - so you'd need nearly 73 clones of Haskins to balance that amount of nacho cheese on a scale. 

- There is approximately 13,789,000 calories in eight tons of nacho cheese - comparable to 24,623 "Big Macs", which have about 560 calories each.

- There is about 56.4 kg of sodium and 1016 kg of fat in eight tons of nacho cheese, which sabermetrically speaking will NOT contribute to a balanced diet.

The Buckeyes will have a lot on their plate next year when 2018 offensive coordinator Ryan Day takes over for longtime head coach Urban Meyer, but FanDuel Sportsbook already has them as early contenders for 2019-20 FBS Championship at (+1200), which is good enough for fourth. 

Stay tuned to see if oddsmakers add a prop bet for tons of cheese consumed in 2019. I'm thinking you've got to hammer the over if they give you anything under 10 tons, but that's purely speculation.

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