Cover photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Washington Redskins QB Alex Smith's leg injury looked bad enough when it happened on the field against the Texans. 

But now, terrifyingly enough, Smith's leg injury has gotten worse. 

According to reports, and somewhat confirmed by the Redskins, Smith is suffering complications from multiple leg surgeries that could put his NFL career in jeopardy. 

While the No. 1 priority is his personal health and not his football career, the seriousness of the situation was ratcheted up because of this infection.  

Smith suffered both compound and spiral fractures in his leg during Week 11 against the Texans on the same day Joe Theismann also broke his leg, which ended his career. Smith underwent immediate surgery to repair the fractures and has reportedly undergone multiple subsequent surgeries to deal with an infection that developed post-op. 

It's too early to speculate if his playing career is in jeopardy, but this situation is clearly serious. At this point, all anyone can do is see how his leg heals, rehab as best he can, and make a decision at that point about what the next steps are. 

Alex Smith's contract with the Redskins is 4-years and $94 million with a $27 million signing bonus. He's was guaranteed $55 million at signing and has $71 million total guaranteed. 

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