3 Most Likely Players the Texans Will Trade This Offseason

Zach Brunner
Three most likely players the Texans will trade this offseason.
Three most likely players the Texans will trade this offseason. / Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The Houston Texans have had a disappointing 2020 season, to put it lightly. Former head coach and general manager Bill O'Brien set the team up for failure with a series of terrible trades. They say fight fire with fire, so there are likely more trades coming in Houston, with hopes they will fix the problem.

These are the three most likely players the Texans will trade this offseason.

3. Justin Reid, S

As the starting safety for one of the worst defenses in the NFL, Justin Reid has not had much praise go his way this season. However, he is a talented player that is going into the final year of his rookie contract. A contender may be willing to bring him in on a cheap price, hoping they can get the potential out of him over the course of the next season. The Texans, however, may feel like they cannot (or will not) re-sign him, so it's best to get some draft assets out of him and start the rebuild this offseason.

2. David Johnson, RB

There really was no winning for David Johnson in Houston, with him being acquired in the DeAndre Hopkins trade. Now, heading into the final year of his contract, it's possible a team would be willing to give him one last chance, knowing his contract is about to expire anyways. Over nine games, Johnson has totaled just 613 yards this season.

1. Brandin Cooks, WR

Brandin Cooks has been involved with many trades over his career, with a high draft pick being the asset in exchange for him continuously. This doesn't mean he's a bad player. In fact, in means the opposite. However, this was one of O'Brien's featured trades this offseason. While it hasn't been a complete failure, it is very likely that the new regime will try to rid themselves of as much of O'Brien's holdovers as possible.

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