VIDEO: Remembering the Titans' Epic 'Music City Miracle' Game-Winning TD

Zach Brunner
Remembering the Titans' epic "Music City Miracle."
Remembering the Titans' epic "Music City Miracle." / NFLthrowback/Twitter

Every once in awhile, there are plays that are so iconic that they are given names to live on forever. One of iconic plays took place in Nashville, known as the "Music City Miracle."

With 16 seconds left on the clock, the Tennessee Titans took the kickoff down by one. They needed a miracle to have any chance to win, and they certainly got one.

The Titans went back to "recess football," with thought of passing it back and forth just to see if they could get anything to happen. And when doing this, their miracle came in the form of a no-call.

The throw from Frank Wycheck to Kevin Dyson looked like it may have been an illegal forward pass, and do this day the debate remains. However, what counts is that the referees ruled it a lateral, making the play legal. The pass set up Dyson on the sideline with blockers ahead of him, and it turned into an easy footrace to the end zone for six.

Just like that, the Titans flipped the script in seconds, returning the kick, taking the lead and winning the game with three seconds left on the clock.

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