This Kentucky Football Flag Design Concept Looks Amazing

By David Hayes
This Kentucky Wildcats college football flag design concept looks great.
This Kentucky Wildcats college football flag design concept looks great. / Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Few sports fans are as loyal and passionate as those in college football. With the dedication to their teams and the passion in heated rivalries, there's a reason fan bases are often referred to as "nations."

With that kind of pride rampant throughout the most competitive college football programs, sometimes it feels like a flag is the only thing missing from these being real nations.

That being said, Reddit user u/toms47 made this leap by designing college football battle flags that could represent the 14 SEC universities on the gridiron, all of which are inspired by defining and iconic traits behind each school and its respective home.

Kentucky Football Flag Concept

Kentucky Wildcats Football Flag Design
Kentucky Wildcats Football Flag Design / imgur/UniversityFlags

According to u/toms47, this flag design is based on Kentucky's iconic checkerboard pattern, which is reflected on both the school's basketball and football teams' jerseys. As for Kentucky's ties to the checkerboard pattern, it arose as a tribute to the Bluegrass State's rich history in horse racing, headlining by the Kentucky Derby.

While some Tennessee fans may disagree, when most fans see the checkerboard pattern in collegiate sports, they're most likely to think of the Wildcats' jerseys.

Barring any potential scheduling delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wildcats are still set to return to action Saturday, Sept. 5, eyeing a 2020 season-opening matchup against the Eastern Michigan Eagles at home in Lexington, Kentucky.

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