Serengeti Kings - FanDuel Casino Review

Prepare to have your awe of all things Lion King-ish stimulated by this wildlife-themed beauty released by NetEnt in early 2020. It features five (5) reels and four (4) rows. The slot structure varies from the average slot game is as unusual as the Serengeti's safaris appear to civilization. You've got to give it to NetEnt for the innovation on this one!

The game boasts fixed 26 paylines and an RTP of 96.2%, which can be boosted upon purchasing additional features to 96.7%. The minimum bet is set at 0.1 units to the maximum of 100 credit. The game also has medium volatility with winnings when you can line up 3 to 5 matching symbols starting leftward. 

The game revolves around the Lion and the Panther, Predator Kings mirroring the day/night variance. These characters are so vital that they have their own unique symbol collection feature. In terms of hierarchy, the royals, which consist of characters like 10, A, K, Q, J, are at the bottom of the pack giving only 1x your initial stake. This might feel quite unpleasant despite their colorful looks.

Ahead of the royals are the Zebras and the Meerkats, still lower value characters, after which we have the Hyenas and Giraffes. The Serengeti King duo of the Lion and the Panther command the most significant multiplier effects on stakes when they are lined up. They are worth as much as 5x when 5 of them are lined up. The most distinctive feature of the great plains aside from the exotic wildlife found within it is how the Golden sun beams its rays upon the endless expanse of safari-land.

The game developers might have considered this while making the ultimate wildcard the symbol of the rising Sun. It pays about 5x the amount that the Lion and Panther pay, such that lining about 5 of the golden sunrise symbols up in the same paylines guarantees a reward that is 50x your initial bet. The scatter feature is the half-sun and half-moon symbol. It, however, does not pay.

How To Play Serengeti Kings  

Upon getting into the game's platform, Choose the amount you have decided to bet by selecting the bet level and coin size that reflects this. As stated earlier, the range is from 0.1 to 100 credit units, 100 units being the value assigned when you click on the MAXBET feature. To get spinning, Tap on the spin icon at the bottom of the reels. You may also set the game to play continuously by activating its Autoplay feature often.

Visuals and Sound

NetEnt does a brilliant cartoon graphic design job representing the African Savannah scene, complete with Mountains, Acacia trees, and rocks in the backgrounds that complement the blue skies all around. The scene alternates between reflecting day and Night in respect to the active predator spin at that moment. The audio component of the game is an African soundtrack punctuated by generic wildlife sounds and the distinctive growls and roars of the predators as the reels land on their symbols.

Special Features

As stated earlier, the game has some features that set it apart from other reel games.

Alternating Lion and Panther Spins

The game starts on Lion mode. After 12 spins, it then changes into the Panther mode. It reverts to the Lion mode after another 12 spins. This continues, accumulating lion and panther symbols in their counters.

Hence, in the 12th spin of each mode, the collected symbols are randomly arranged unto the reels in a way, causing a payout for you. The Lion and Panther modes run parallel to the Night and Day arrangement, with each predator ruling in its mode. You get wild symbols when these collected symbols land on an opposite symbol.

If the symbol lands on a wild symbol or the same symbol, then 1x is added to the multiplier value. Usually, you start with a multiplier value of 1x. However, to calculate your final take home, you have to add all the multipliers from each winning on the reels and multiply it with your bet.

Free Spins

The game affords you 12 free spins at once when you line up at least three (3) scatter symbols in one spin. An interesting thing about the free spin feature is the increasing reward-scheme as you accumulate scatter symbols. Here is how it works:

  • Three (3) Scatters: Gives you Zero Collected Lion or Panther symbols
  • Four (4) Scatters: Gives you the exact amount of accumulated Lion and Panther symbols you have gotten in the base gameplay
  • Five (5) scatters: Gives you the same amount of Lion and Panther symbols you have collected in the game plus five (5) extra of those symbols.

Free Spin Buying

This feature is very variable as it is unobtainable on some sites and in some locations. The idea is to activate the free spin feature by depositing little money and not having to trigger it due to the reel outcomes directly. This is achieved by purchasing the scatter features. Usually, three (3) scatters cost the same in both modes, but the 4 and 5 scatter are priced differently in each mode.


The Serengeti Kings Slot screams novelty, from the alternate modes of play to spins in every mode. It is an exciting game to try out if you're looking for something different that gives good payouts. The graphics and sound combination also produces a realistic experience accessible on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and even brick and Mortar Casinos. In all, you should try it out. Remember to bet responsibly.

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