New Games Spotlight: Slingo Reel King


Every online casino slot lover will undoubtedly recognize the Reel King brand. Allow us to introduce you to this classic Inspired Gaming title. The previous Reel King Slot had over 3 billion plays. When Novomatic debuted the game as a land-based Slot Machine, it quickly became popular in the UK. The Megaways version was produced by Inspired Gaming, which owns the Novomatic Group, and it quickly gained global fame.

Players can play Slingo Reel King slots for real money at FanDuel Casino. The online casino slot is available both on mobile phones and tablets.

Let's now go over the various cool features of this new online casino slot in our review.

How To Play Slingo Reel King

The Slingo Reel King online casino slot game is really simple to play and can be completed in a matter of seconds. The + and - buttons at the bottom of the game screen are used to set your wager. As previously said, the betting ranges for this slot are variable, and once you've decided on a stake, simply click the 'start' button to start playing.

Although this Slingo game has an extra function, the gameplay is identical to that of most other Slingo games. The object of the game is to match the numbers on your game grid to those on the reel. Slingos are used to mark off lines, whereas a Full House is used to mark off the complete grid.

Wilds and super wilds, which work just like the joker and super joker in regular Slingo slots and can be utilized to assist you to mark off numbers, are among the symbols featured in this game. There's also the diamond symbol, which serves as a blocking symbol as well as a symbol for free spins.

When players have progressed far enough along the reward trail, the Reel King feature is activated. When one of the five Reel Kings becomes active, you will receive their bonus.

Slingo Reel King is also a low-volatility Slingo game that aims to make jackpot-themed games more accessible to everyone. With a typical Slingo RTP of 95%, games of Slingo Reel King can be played for as little as 20¢ or as much as $26 per game, catering to a wide range of budgets.

Slingo Reel King Slot Visuals and Sounds

Slingo Reel King combines the popular Slingo game with the Reel King jackpot system, allowing jackpot slots aficionados to play Slingo titles as well. The Slingo Reel King Slingo game now has a gigantic potential multiplier of 25x, as well as a top payoff of 500x stake. 

The Slingo Reel King game appears a lot like other Slingo games, with the same grid layout and single reel, but we think this title has a little more 'razz ma Tazz' than other Slingo games because of its crimson and gold regal motif. This online casino game also comes with top-notch graphics and the background music is upbeat which goes well with the vintage theme.

Special Features of Slingo Reel King Slot

Reel Kings

While playing the Slingo Reel King slot machine, there are five Reel Kings. Each king is visible in the upper left corner of the game screen and can be activated as players go down the prize trail. More than one Reel King might be active at the same time, and each one has its own set of characteristics.

More Spins

Players can buy an infinite number of extra spins at the end of the main game. The cost of each additional spin will be determined by the current condition of play. You can quit playing at any time because the price of each spin will be displayed above the spin button.

Prize Trail

At random, players will advance along the Reel King prize trail. You may hear a 'ding' sound after each spin, indicating that they've advanced one space along the path and are closer to activating bonus features.

Is Slingo Reel King a Good Online Casino Slot Game?

Yes, Slingo Reel King is another fantastic addition to Gaming Realms' growing list of Slingo Originals. The slot bonus adds an extra level and excitement in a classic Reel King way while staying true to the classic Slingo style.

Slingo Reel King has been designed specifically for usage on mobile phones and tablets. You can play the Slingo Reel King game wherever and whenever the mood strikes you, regardless of whether you're using an Android or iOS device. Head over to FanDuel Casino to try the game out.

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