3 Most Likely Remaining Bobby Wagner Free Agency Destinations

The three most likely Bobby Wagner free agency destinations.
The three most likely Bobby Wagner free agency destinations. / Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's free agency has been going on for nearly two full weeks and one of the top remaining names is still former Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner.

It appeared as if the Los Angeles Rams were on the verge of signing him, but Wagner's reported asking price (one-year, $11 million) was too pricy for the defending Super Bowl Champions. Now, it's back to square one for the eight-time Pro-Bowler.

There are still teams with enough cap space to fit Wagner's demands, as well as there always being the chance that his asking price comes down. Keeping that in mind, here's a look at the three most likely remaining Wagner destinations in free agency.

Bobby Wagner Free Agency

1. Los Angeles Rams

Even though talks with the Rams fell through, it's entirely possible that the organization could circle back to Wagner. After all, teams don't usually have too many opportunities to sign an eight-time All-Pro and Super Bowl-winning linebacker. Even though Wagner is asking for $11 million right now, it's possible that he could decide that winning another ring would be worth the one-year pay cut. Plus, he was born in Los Angeles and not many people can put a price on winning a championship with your hometown team. With the path to another potential Super Bowl that the Rams can offer, it wouldn't be a shock to see Wagner join them on a more team-friendly deal.

2. Baltimore Ravens

CBS Sports' Josina Anderson reported Monday that the Baltimore Ravens have a "very competitive offer" for Wagner compared to what the Rams offered him. The Ravens' defense was lacking throughout the 2021 NFL season, so it isn't a shock to see them pursuing someone of Wagner's talents. Although he's older, his 170 tackles last season were 72 more than any Baltimore player. The Ravens are one of the AFC's top teams when healthy and have reportedly told Wagner that they can help "add to his legacy" if he joins the team. If Baltimore's offer truly is that much better than the Rams', Wagner may be in purple, black and gold come the Fall.

3. San Francisco 49ers

On paper, the San Francisco 49ers don't have enough money to meet Wagner's demands. Spotrac lists the San Francisco 49ers as only having $1.9 million in cap space, but they can add over $25 million to that amount if they change their mind and decide to cut QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Playing in San Francisco would also give Wagner an opportunity to play in his home state while joining a team that's made two NFC Championship appearances in the last three seasons. The dominant Fred Warner is already the 49ers' top linebacker, so having him and Wagner patrolling the defense could be a nightmare for opponents. Besides, San Francisco hasn't been shy about stealing former Seahawks greats in the past, having signed CB Richard Sherman to a three-year deal back in 2018.

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