Most Dominant Wide Receivers in Fantasy Football Since 1970 Has Some Big Surprises

San Francisco 49ers All-Pro wide-receiver Jerry Ri
San Francisco 49ers All-Pro wide-receiver Jerry Ri / JOHN G. MABANGLO

Cover Photo: Getty Images

It's no secret the NFL has become a pass-happy league compared to even a decade ago. This has led to more yards gained, more fantasy points scored and more excitement on Sundays. However, it may be a surprise that none of the most dominant fantasy wide receivers come from this generation. To be "dominant" in fantasy, it is more than simply the most points scored. It also includes how many more points these players score over the WR30, using half-point PPR scoring. Here are the five most dominant fantasy wide receivers since 1970 based on that criteria.

1. Wes Chandler, Chargers, 1982


Let's start with the biggest surprise on the list, but also the most dominant. In the shortened nine-game season of 1982, Chandler totaled 49 catches for 1,032 yards and nine touchdowns, equaling 184.9 fantasy points. Projected over a 16-game season, he would have outscored the 1982 WR30 by 218.4 points. Oh, and Chandler actually missed a game, making his eight-game performance even more impressive.

2. Jerry Rice, 49ers, 1995

Getty Images
Getty Images / Mike Powell

Rice owns a number of top fantasy seasons, but 1995 was his most dominant. He caught 122 passes for 1,848 yards and 15 touchdowns, outscoring the WR30 by 203.8 points. When looking at Rice's stats, it's easy to see why many regard him as the greatest ever. In terms of career fantasy dominance, there is no competition for Rice. The only player that sneaks into the conversation is the next guy.

3. Randy Moss, Vikings, 2003


It's true, Moss' 2007 season with the Patriots resulted in more fantasy points. However, the rest of the league was better, and the disparity between him and the WR30 was less. In his 2003 season with the Vikings, Moss caught 111 passes for 1,632 yards and 17 touchdowns. Moss physically dominated defenders on the field, and he helped us dominate our fantasy matchups for years.

4. Isaac Bruce, Rams, 1995


Even before "The Greatest Show on Turf," Bruce was carving up defenses. In the 1995 season, Bruce caught 119 passes for 1,781 yards and 13 touchdowns, outscoring the WR30 that year by 168.6 fantasy points.

5. Herman Moore, Lions, 1995


What, not the Lions receiver you were expecting to make the list? Not only does Moore rank as more dominant than Calvin Johnson, he actually scored more fantasy points in this season (314.1) than Johnson ever did. In the same season as Bruce's dominating season above, Moore caught 123 passes for 1,686 yards and 14 touchdowns, outscoring the WR30 by 165.4 fantasy points.

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