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Jalen Rose On the Fab Five - Extra Points

By FanDuel
Jalen Rose On The Fab Five - Extra Points
Jalen Rose On The Fab Five - Extra Points /

On today’s episode of the Extra Points podcast hosted by Cousin Sal, Dave Dameshek is on the show to welcome former college basketball star and NBA veteran Jalen Rose. Jalen Rose is still in the game today, as he works as an on-air personality for ESPN. Rose was a part of the famous Fab Five; the 1991 Michigan Wolverines basketball team that started mainly freshman and had a plethora of talent. Dave poses the question, if the Michigan Fab Five was an NBA team once their careers progress, would the Fab Five be an NBA Playoff team? Jalen is confident that the players they had would translate perfectly to today's NBA; the Fab Five would definitely make the playoffs.

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