Chad Henne Spills Dirt on Patrick Mahomes' Gross Superstition

Jason Schandl
Chad Henne revealed a gross Patrick Mahomes superstition.
Chad Henne revealed a gross Patrick Mahomes superstition. / ASSOCIATED PRESS

I don't think any of us predicted that the Chad Henne retirement tour would be one of the most fun parts of the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win, but here we are.

No longer having to face his former Chiefs teammates every day, Henne has opened up and started outing them for some funny habits and superstitions. And this one from Patrick Mahomes is just downright gross.

Patrick Mahomes Rumors

Henne spent four seasons playing alongside Mahomes, so that means the two-time MVP has worn the same game-day underwear for nearly 100 games — or even more if he keeps up the tradition in the preseason.

I'm sure none of us are going to pretend that we haven't held on to a favorite pair of underwear a little longer than we should, but most of us also aren't putting our underwear through the trials and tribulations they're forced to face during an NFL game.

Even worse? They're red underwear. That means Mahomes' streak may even extend back to his time with the Texas Tech Red Raiders in college.

After winning two Super Bowls in four seasons, however, it's hard to argue with Mahomes' results. Based on his amazing success in the NFL so far, Chiefs fans won't mind if he keeps wearing the same underwear a little longer.

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