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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced back on Jan. 8 that they were signing Bruce Arians to a four-year contract to be the team's head coach. 

Having Arians back in the NFL is a great thing for everyone who loves football because the 66-year old is an excellent coach, an entertaining interview and one of the most well-respected people throughout the league. 

As for his coaching style and demands on his assistants, let's just say he's cool there too. 

​​These characteristics are likely a big part of why Tampa Bay, which is in need of a franchise culture change, brought Arians in and he's already getting to work. Arians laid down the law for his new coaching staff by detailing for them what kinds of behavior could get them canned immediately. Honestly, it is pretty badass

Football coaches have long been stereotyped as rugged, middle-aged men, who could explain the x's and o's of just about every offense in the league, but hadn't made it home for dinner on time in years. A stereotypical football coach preaches the value of family to his team, but sometimes fails to implement those practices at home by choosing film over school plays.

Obviously, this is hyperbole, but there is an aspect of truth to the stereotype surrounding football coaches. It is a demanding job that requires an excess of travel, tons of hours in the office and a lot of personal sacrifices, especially if they want to make it in the NFL. 

Arians, who has been married for over 47 years and has two kids, seems to recognize the importance of finding a work-life balance for his coaches. Perhaps that balance will increase morale around the organization and translate into a lot of wins and sustained success for the 66-year-old head coach. 

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