Cover Photo: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Time and time again, we've heard the debate about who's the best player in the NBA -- LeBron James or Kevin Durant. But it's time to include another player on that list, according to the player who might be the next best guy.

Anthony Davis said he thinks his time is now and that he believes that he should be ahead of KD and LeBron as a favorite to win the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year. 

Can you really blame him at this point?

He wasn't directly calling out Durant and LeBron, but he did admit that he thought he was better than them. While he said they were both great players, Davis believes he brings something unique to the table on both ends. That couldn't be truer as neither LeBron or KD are the rim protector or low-post threat that The Brow is.

DeMarcus Cousins or no DeMarcus Cousins, AD is ready to carry this Pelicans team to a new level. Without Cousins, he elevated his game in last year's playoffs, averaging over 30 points per game. It seems like he picked up exactly where he left off, putting up enormous numbers in the preseason.

It'll take a huge year for Davis to win MVP, but a block machine like this could easily win DPOY.

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