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3 Moves the Brewers Should Make Before the 2021 MLB Season Starts

Zach Brunner
Three moves the Brewers should make before the MLB season starts.
Three moves the Brewers should make before the MLB season starts. / Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Despite finishing with a losing record, the Milwaukee Brewers made it to the postseason for the third year in a row last season. However, there are a lot of changes needed in order to get them back to competing. Yes, Milwaukee has underwent tweaks and pulled off some moves already. Still, there are some areas that should be addressed before the 2021 MLB season begins.

With that in mind, here are three moves the Brewers should make before the MLB season starts.

1. Improve the Offense

The Brewers set numerous records last season. However, these were new record-lows in various offensive stats. Like stated above, the Brewers have made some moves already, though they appear to have improved on defense more than anything. They must continue to improve this offseason so they do not set another record-low for batting average or strikeout percentage.

2. Fill Third Base

The Brewers did sign Zach Green to a minor league deal, so he could be a candidate to fill the Brewers' third base spot. However, if he's not, then Milwaukee still does not have an answer. Could Luis Urias or Daniel Robertson fill the void, or will another signing need to take place?

3. Improve Pitching Depth

Of course, this is something you can say for any team looking to compete for a World Series. And yes, the Brewers look to be in a better spot than in past season, at least in terms of their frontline pitching. But still, improving the backend depth of their pitching rotation will be necessary in order to compete consistently with some of the other top teams in the National League.

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