VIDEO: Remembering When Julian Edelman Threw a 51-Yard Touchdown to Danny Amendola in the Playoffs

Zach Brunner
Julian Edelman threw a dime to Danny Amendola.
Julian Edelman threw a dime to Danny Amendola. /

Wide receiver Julian Edelman has been a vital part of the New England Patriots’ success over the years. Taking over the slot role from Wes Welker, Edelman has been as reliable of a receiver as could be in the Patriots system, coming up big when he needs to.

Edelman has also stepped up in a variety of ways for New England including going outside his position’s responsibility. This can be seen from his touchdown pass in the playoffs, back in the Patriots' 2014-15 Super Bowl run.

The play design was a thing of beauty. Initially, the play looks like a quick screen to Edelman out in the flats, as the Patriots have done with success many times. He even had Rob Gronkowski out in front of him to block, looking like it could have been a big play if he tucked and ran. However, his first read of a deep pass was wide open.

Danny Amendola caught the defense sleeping, escaping down the sideline. With no pressure on him, this was an easy pass for Edelman to step into, delivering a dime for a 51-yard touchdown.

A college quarterback at Kent State, Edelman was more then capable of hitting a wide-open receiver streaking down the field. Bill Belichick and the Patriots are fully aware of Edelman’s skill set, and they have made the most of it over the years, it's not only quarterbacks that can thrive throwing the ball in New England.

Edelman threw his second NFL touchdown pas this past season, hooking up with Phillip Dorsett for a 15-yard score.

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