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Whenever there's a divisional matchup, there's usually a lot of buzz surrounding it. Whether that buzz is based on the rivalry or money potentially changing hands because of a bet, those games are often the most bet NFL games each and every weekend. And Week 12 is no different.

With the New England Patriots taking on the New York Jets at 1:00 p.m. EST and the Green Bay Packers heading to Minnesota for the Sunday Night Football game against the Vikings, it's no wonder those are two of the three most bet games today.

However, The Miami Dolphins at the Indianapolis Colts stands out like a sore thumb. ​​Two 5-5 AFC teams who have only played twice with Andrew Luck as the starting QB for the Colts, it makes you wonder why are there so many bets on this one? Well, the answer is simple -- the line.

This game ​opened with a 10-point spread in favor of the Colts, but after it was announced that ​Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill would start Sunday the line moved as far as 7 points on some books. As of 11:00 a.m. Sunday, the line was at 9, according to ​FanDuel Sportsbook. All of that movement is cause for extra bets on a game, so much so that is comes in as the No. 2 most best game of Week 12.

But back to the most bet game on this NFL Sunday -- the Patriots versus the Jets. This one is a lopsided affair with the Pats taking in almost 85 percent of the bets. Similar to the Dolphins-Colts game, this line moved from a 9.5-point opening spread all the way to 13.

And all that movement means it's been getting tons of action. Here's why: Tom Brady is 25-7 against the Jets in his career, including four straight. Plus, under head coach Bill Belichick the Patriots have won almost exactly 80 percent of their games from Week 12 on. Now those are two good reasons to take the Pats in Week 12.

The third contest is typically one of the most-best games on Sunday. No matter what the Sunday Night Football matchup, since it's the last day of the day, it typically gets lots of action. Being that it's a divisional matchup featuring Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins, this one gets even more juice.

Whichever way you go on these games, art least you know lots of other bettors are cheering with you today.

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