Cover Photo: Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to keep up with their lofty expectations this season despite the absence of their superstar running back Le'Veon Bell. 

Do the Steelers want Bell on the field? Probably, considering he's one of the best running backs in football. Do they need him? Apparently not. The Steelers have come to the realization that they may be better off without him. 

Pittsburgh is reportedly shopping Bell for a second-round draft pick and a solid playmaker. 

And the price just keeps getting lower and lower.

It's a sign that the Steelers believe they can compete right now with the current roster, at least with one more or two more additions. This team is still floating around .500 without Bell as their offense isn't the problem. Their defense is the issue, and you have to assume they'd look for help on that side of the ball with that "good player" they're seeking. 

A second-round draft pick would still help them for the future by further bolstering this defense. 

This could actually be a great move for Pittsburgh, but it will still be tough. We'll see if any teams are willing to take that kind of money on to their balance sheet while still parting ways with a contributor. 

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