Vince Velasquez, what were you thinking?!

Quite frankly, what the hell were the Phillies thinking in general the last inning against the Nationals. They completely blew it for the people who put money on them. And it seems like there were a lot of them. 

Not only did the Phillies bullpen blow a one-run lead in the top of the ninth with a win in their grasp, Velasquez clinched the choke with a base-running blunder that ultimately ended their hopes of getting the win.

Yeah, that's Velasquez tagging up too early and getting doubled up to end the game. Wow. Even more questionable, why was a pitcher pitch running in the ninth, Gabe Kapler? Either way, this is a tough way to take an L. 

Bettors couldn't have been happy about it either after a bunch of money was put on the Phillies and their favorable opening odds against the Nationals. 

Yeah, this one is gonna hurt for a while. 

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