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VIDEO: Remembering When Jamal Adams Laid Out the Patriots Mascot at the Pro Bowl

Zach Brunner
Jamal Adams took out the Patriots mascot at the Pro Bowl.
Jamal Adams took out the Patriots mascot at the Pro Bowl. /

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has been a fan favorite since entering the league, with his popularity spanning much further than the Jets fanbase. Adams has been voted to the Pro Bowl in each of the last two seasons, and he has taken full advantage of his time there.

One of the most memorable Pro Bowl moments in recent memory came from practice in the week leading up to the game. Adams made headlines with how he greeted New England Patriots mascot Pat Patriot.

The Patriots have been one of the most hated teams in the NFL over the last decade, with rivalries expanding out well beyond the AFC East. That is why Adams became The People’s Champ when he took out Pat Patriot.

The attack was premeditated, with the safety sharing his plans to knock out the Patriots’ mascot earlier on. Unsurprisingly, the hit was met with cheers at the Pro Bowl and all around social media.

Even if the Jets don't end up signing Adams to a second contract, which looks like it could be the case as they shop him around on the trade market, he will forever go down in Gang Green lore for making one of the most popular tackles in franchise history.

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