Scott Boras Grills Red Sox Amid Xander Bogaerts Negotiations

Tyler Maher
Scott Boras is giving the Boston Red Sox a hard time over their Xander Bogaerts negotiations.
Scott Boras is giving the Boston Red Sox a hard time over their Xander Bogaerts negotiations. / ASSOCIATED PRESS

MLB super-agent Scott Boras has never been afraid to mince words. His ability to ruffle feathers and articulate why his clients are so valuable often persuades teams to go the extra mile to sign them.

Boras, who represents star shortstop Xander Bogaerts, didn't hold back when analyzing Bogaerts' former employers at the MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego.

Red Sox Xander Bogaerts Rumors

The Boston Red Sox have been dragging their feet in re-signing Bogaerts, but perhaps they'll feel differently after Boras' latest comments. Boras said that without Bogaerts, the Red Sox are merely "so-so."

That's quite an insult to a Boston organization that has won four World Series championships since 2004 -- the most in baseball during that time. The Red Sox pride themselves on trying to field a championship team every year, so the last thing they want to be is mediocre.

In his defense, Boras has a point. Even with Bogaerts, Boston was terrible last year, finishing six games below .500 and ending up in last place in the AL East for the fifth time in 11 seasons. That was hardly Bogaerts' fault, however, as he made the All-Star team, won a Silver Slugger award and improved his defensive metrics.

Without their franchise shortstop, the Red Sox would have been even worse last year. They clearly need him if they want to turn things around in 2023, and Boras knows it. Boston has already said that bringing back Bogaerts is the team's top priority this offseason, although the two sides have yet to come to an agreement.

If Boras has his way, though, a deal will get done sooner rather than later.

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