MLB Insider Rips Red Sox for Confounding Offseason

Tyler Maher
The Boston Red Sox have been heavily criticized for their puzzling offseason.
The Boston Red Sox have been heavily criticized for their puzzling offseason. / ASSOCIATED PRESS

With the Boston Red Sox coming off their second last-place finish in three seasons, this offseason was especially critical. Not only did the team have multiple holes to fill on the roster, but they also had a franchise player up for free agency (Xander Bogaerts) and another in need of a contract extension (Rafael Devers). What the Red Sox did -- or didn't do -- this offseason would significantly shape the trajectory of the franchise for the next several years.

Nearly two months into this pivotal offseason, fans and media alike believe Boston has already bungled it. Bogaerts went to the San Diego Padres, Devers remains unsigned and the roster hasn't improved nearly enough to return to contention.

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The Red Sox have been in a downward spiral since winning their last World Series in 2018, failing to make the playoffs in three of their last four seasons. While injuries and underperformance have contributed to poor play on the field, Boston's front office has taken much of the blame for making a series of head-scratching decisions, including ill-advised trades, questionable signings and a failure to acquire impact talent.

It's been an alarming trend for the Red Sox, who have clearly operated differently since Chaim Bloom took over as Chief Baseball Officer late in 2019. His predecessor, Dave Dombrowski, built a juggernaut at the MLB level with aggressive, win-now moves that gutted the farm system. Bloom, on the other hand, has systematically dismantled Dombrowski's championship-winning core in an effort to replenish the minors.

Bloom's strategy has not been successful so far, and Boston fans are growing impatient. There's been too much emphasis on the future and not enough focus on the present, and there doesn't appear to be a cohesive plan anymore. The Red Sox under Dombrowski were clearly trying to win the World Series every year. The Red Sox under Bloom have been semi-rebuilding while also attempting to contend with middling results.

At the end of the day, Boston needs to pick a lane. The current approach is only making everyone who follows the team confused and frustrated, and worst of all, it's not working.

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