Cover Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook is a machine that wears human clothes. He may walk amongst us and talk like us, but we all know he's the most advanced version of AI technology that has slid past our noses for the past few years. 

This year, it doesn't look like anyone will be on his case, nor will they stop him from dishing and diming once again. 

Westbrook currently has the best odds to lead the league in assists this season. 

There are some huge names on that list, but no one who fills up the assist column quite like Westbrook. 

How can you pick anyone but Westbrook at this point? Over the past three years, he's finished second, third, and first in assists. He's also the only player over that span to finish with an average of over 10 per game each year, with John Wall being the only player to do it twice. 

If his season opener was any inclination, he's going to have another season feeding everyone on the Thunder. 

Just imagine how high his numbers can get without Carmelo Anthony firing up bricks on a regular basis. 

Until someone finds the off switch on him, Westbrook, understandably, is the favorite. 

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