Cover Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

It took an entire season, but the NL West may not be decided after today.

It figures that these two teams, who have been competing so closely this season, would need another game to figure things out. Both will make it to the postseason, but it'll take one more contest to figure out exactly where these teams end up.

If both the Dodgers and the Rockies win today, they'll have a one-game playoff to decide who advances to the NL Divisional series. If they both lose, it's the same scenario.

Crazy to think, 162 games weren't enough. 

There's a lot of moving pieces here -- If the Dodgers win and the Rockies lose, Colorado will be playing either the Cubs or the Brewers in the NL Wildcard. If both teams end up with the same outcome today, there will be a one-game playoff. The winner of that game will face the Atlanta Braves, while the loser will have one more game to win before they're in the divisional round.

What a jam-packed Sunday to write the script for these playoffs.

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