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Jalen Ramsey is one of the best cornerbacks in football, but he has one of the biggest mouths in football too. He's never been shy about calling anyone and everyone out, much like he did this offseason when he essentially said half of the league's quarterbacks are trash.

It's all about his aggressive mentality on the field. How far would he be willing to go in order to get the job done? Well, let's just say that even if his grandma is on the field, she's getting hit, and probably an ear full after. 

It seems like there is no line Ramsey won't cross.

The New England Patriots are thin at wideout, but despite that fact, they won't be calling on Ramsey's grandmother to join the receiving corp, so he won't have to worry about tackling her. He will, however, have to deal with All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski. 

As if it wasn't a big enough matchup already, Ramsey recently claimed Gronk wasn't as great as people said he was. While Ramsey is a shutdown cornerback who has proven he has the ability to take players out of games, it's hard to imagine him being able to blanket Gronkowski. 

Not because of his natural ability, but because of the simple fact that Jacksonville doesn't put him on tight ends. 

That means unless the Jaguars are switching their gameplan around, Gronk will be covered by someone other than the All-Pro cornerback. That likely means he'll have the same ceiling, per usual, this week as one of the best fantasy tight end options around.

A Ramsey-Gronk matchup would be fantastic, though, so let's hope the football Gods answer us and give us a few plays of drama. 

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