We all look at offenses as the reason why teams win championships, but the Chicago Bears just picked up an absolute monster in Khalil Mack. 

By adding Mack, this team has vaulted itself up the NFC North power rankings, going from a team that could surprise some to one that actually has high expectations. How high you ask? Well if Mack plays to the best of his ability and brings home another Defensive Player of the Year award, they could be Super Bowl bound. 

The only question is, how likely is that to happen? 

The odds that Mack wins the award once again this season while the Bears also bring the Lombardi Trophy to Chicago is currently listed at 250/1. 

Is that the most ridiculous thing you've heard today? 

Yes, it's hard to imagine a world where the Bears go from being the worst team in their division to Super Bowl champions, but that does sound familiar, doesn't it? The Philadelphia Eagles essentially wrote the script for this team. They were awful in 2016, came into the next year with a sophomore quarterback, and walked away as champs. 

You know how they did it? With a ridiculous pass rush. By adding Mack, the Bears now have the same exact blueprint. 

It's obviously going to be hard, but seeing Mack as the DPOY doesn't sound absurd. The offense still has things to figure out, but this now looks like a defense that could carry this team extremely far. 

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