VIDEO: Remembering When Ryan Tannehill Sprinted 50 Yards to Level the Defender Following Interception

Zach Brunner

Ryan Tannehill had a renaissance season last year, beginning the season as a backup for the Tennessee Titans, but soon replaced Marcus Mariota as the starter and became the quarterback they had been looking for. Up to this point, Tannehill's NFL career has been really up and down, which can be personified quite well in this play from last season.

Obviously, things start out poorly. Tannehill saw his passed tipped and intercepted behind the line of scrimmage. But while most quarterbacks would give up on the play or half-heartedly run after the defender, Tannehill showed off the athleticism that is often hidden.

Many forget, Tannehill was once a wide receiver. He only transitioned to quarterback at Texas A&M. While, yes, this can be seen with the thrown interception, it can also be seen by running that man down and absolutely leveling him.

While racking up tackles isn't a stat quarterbacks are proud of, this is one that Tannehill should be proud of. It's not every day you get the chance to lay out the very players coming after you every play.

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