VIDEO: Remembering When DeSean Jackson Made One of the Dumbest Plays in NFL History

Remembering when DeSean Jackson made one of the dumbest plays in NFL history.
Remembering when DeSean Jackson made one of the dumbest plays in NFL history. / YouTube: mAhChubbe

Every once in awhile in sports, there is a boneheaded mistake that has an absolutely heartbreaking result. While there are quite a few examples of this in football, one of the most memorable follies came from Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, in one of the dumbest plays in NFL history.

Down by one, Donovan McNabb was back to pass for Philly. He showed off his big arm on this play, finding Jackson deep down the middle. Jackson showed off his jets, racing past Dallas Cowboys defenders and creating about five yards of separation on the catch.

What looked like a thing of beauty quickly turned south. After the catch, Jackson had only about seven more yards until he found the end zone. He must have misjudged the distance, since he dropped the football just before crossing into the end zone, starting his celebration early.

This created a live football, in what was supposed to be an easy walk-in touchdown. If not for Jackson's ability to absolutely embarrass defenses, he likely would have received a bit more criticism for this play.

On the bright side, plays like these set forth the precedent of teaching younger football players to keep the ball tucked until they are multiple yards into the end zone. An extra second of celebration is not worth risking points, especially in a divisional game.

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