VIDEO: Remembering Kawhi Leonard's Hilarious Dance Moves One Year Later

Zach Brunner
Remembering Kawhi Leonard's awkward dance moves.
Remembering Kawhi Leonard's awkward dance moves. / Twitter/@docksquad33

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world and putting a halt to the NBA season, the Toronto Raptors’ run as the NBA champions is extended a bit longer than many had expected.

Thanks to this, it’s only right that we take a look back on the highlight of their championship run last season, and that is star player Kawhi Leonard coming out of his shell in the most awkward way possible.

No, we are not talking about his laugh, which came across as a mixture of disturbing and very awkward. Kawhi found a way to quickly top it, by breaking out these stiff dance moves, which look more on par with a middle school dance than celebrating a world championship.

There is no doubt that Kawhi is one of a kind. He is one of the most feared players on the planet when he is on the hardwood. But when he is off the court, he is a quiet, shy, and kind of an awkward guy whenever he is thrust into the spotlight.

If Kawhi needs any tips on how to accurately show human emotion, he should look no further than big man Marc Gasol. His child-like emotion when celebrating a championship and finally being on a great team is the embodiment of joy. While Kawhi's laugh and dance moves are the embodiment of some type of artificial intelligence.

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