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NFL Survivor Week 1 Picks & Predictions From The Duel Staff

David Kaestle
The Duel staff survivor picks for NFL Week 1.
The Duel staff survivor picks for NFL Week 1. / Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Survivor leagues are one of the more simplistic and fun ways to get involved in the NFL season beyond just watching the games. The concept it simple – survive. Pick one team to win every week, if they win, you move on to the next week, if they lose, you are out.

The catch is, you can only pick a team one time during the season. For more info on Survivor league rules and tips, check out our article here.

The Duel staff is doing their own survivor pool and we will post our picks here every week for you to follow along, tail, or fade.

NFL Survivor Picks Week 1

Brian Giuffra: San Francisco 49ers
Adam Taylor McKillop: San Francisco 49ers
David Kaestle: Los Angeles Rams
Isaiah De Los Santos: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jason Schandl: San Francisco 49ers
Max Staley: San Francisco 49ers

The Duel staff 2021 Survivor picks.
The Duel staff 2021 Survivor picks. /

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