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Eric Bieniemy Leaving Chiefs Would Actually Help Team's Future

Isaiah De Los Santos
Eric Bieniemy leaving this offseason would actually help the Kansas City Chiefs' future.
Eric Bieniemy leaving this offseason would actually help the Kansas City Chiefs' future. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is one of the hottest head-coaching candidates once again this offseason. But despite reportedly interviewing well, it's unclear if Bieniemy will land a gig, putting the Chiefs in limbo as they wait to see if their offensive coordinator is actually leaving.

The unknown with Bieniemy and his failure to secure a head-coaching gig so far should give pause to the Chiefs, and it might actually benefit the team if he does move on sooner rather than later.

Bieniemy is seemingly waiting for the right opportunity to arise, and if it doesn't emerge, he's content on riding it out with the Chiefs. However, Kansas City already has a replacement for Bieniemy in quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka.

The longer Bieniemy sticks around, the longer Kafka must wait. But there's no guarantee Kafka will wait several years for Bieniemy to finally move on. Another team could poach Kafka to be their offensive coordinator and put him on the fast-track to becoming a head coach.

If Bieniemy departs this offseason, Kafka can step into the OC role and hopefully begin his development into an NFL head coach. Keeping Kafka around to integrate further into the Chiefs' organization and seeing what kind of potential he has would be incredibly beneficial for Kansas City.

At 62 years old, Andy Reid is no spring chicken, and Big Red has little left to accomplish as a head coach. If Kafka can stick around in KC, he could be groomed as Reid's replacement and make a transition seamless. But that future-minded development can't take place unless Bieniemy moves on.

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