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Bleacher Report Lists Potential Trade That Should Leave Dolphins Fans Hyped

Zach Brunner
Bleacher Report thinks the Dolphins could pull off this potential trade.
Bleacher Report thinks the Dolphins could pull off this potential trade. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

After an active free agency and a big draft class, the Miami Dolphins are hoping they can get back to being a competitive team sooner rather than later. But while they filled many holes this offseason, there are still plenty of weaknesses on this team. They may be candidates for some trades yet again this season.

Chris Roling, of Bleacher Report, thinks it is possible the Dolphins trade with the Cleveland Browns to acquire one of their pass catchers. While they already featured Jarvis Landry on their team for four seasons, this trade would be for his teammate, Odell Beckham Jr.

The trade rumors involving OBJ are constant, especially with him supposedly telling his opponents to trade for him last season. And while his talent cannot be questioned, it's possible his role on the Browns offense can, as he did not lead the team in receiving last year.

Trading for Beckham would instantly make him the clear top dog yet again, which he may like, and it would greatly improve the receiving corps going forward for rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Miami is also a city that OBJ may enjoy opt to sign with long term.

The Dolphins again have plenty of draft assets to trade with for next season. They have both their own and the Houston Texans' first and second-round picks, which could be used in this trade.

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