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The NBA All-Star Game has a reputation for being more of an "athletic spectacle" than an actual basketball competition, as, you know, most basketball games actually require some form of defense.

The offensive fireworks that take place every All-Star Break, filled with alley-oops, around-the-back passes and wide-open ​3-pointers, really exploded in 2014, the first time the game ever surpassed 300 total points (a 163-155 win by the East). This trend continued over the next three All-Star weekends, reaching its peak in 2017 with an absurd 374 combined points – a 192-182 win for the West.

But, it seems like oddsmakers think this year's All-Star Game will be a much lower-scoring contest. The over/under total is just 300.5 points, according to ​FanDuel Sportsbook​.

The total for this year's All-Star Game is more in line with the 2018 game, which saw just 293 points – a 148-145 win for ​Team LeBron over Team Stephen.

After the 2017 All-Star Game, the NBA implemented a number of changes to All-Star Weekend to try and make the game more competitive. The changes were headlined by the decision to implement a school-yard draft to decide the teams, rather than the traditional conference divide. Maybe picking sides is a factor in the close to 100-point difference from 2017 to 2018.

Perhaps last year was an aberration and this year's game will see the scoreboard light up like in year's past. It all depends on the players' motivation level during this showcase of the NBA's best.

Changing the format of the teams may have been enough to inspire some competitiveness last year, but we will have to see if it carries over to the 2019 NBA All-Star Game or if we'll revert back to the high-scoring contests we saw just a few seasons ago.

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