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Tom Brady has reached such a ​sustained level of greatness, ​especially in the playoffs, that the former sixth-round NFL Draft pick is now in the G.O.A.T. conversation.

If Brady's Super Bowl success isn't strong enough proof of his greatness, there's also his numerous NFL passing records and ​his stranglehold on the postseason record book.

But, here's a new one, Brady is now the first NFL player (not quarterback, player) to win six titles, and that statistic even predates the Super Bowl era.

How Many Times Has Tom Brady Been to the Super Bowl

Brady has now tallied six wins in nine Super Bowl appearances. In comparison, Major League Baseball has 26 players with six or more titles, the NHL has 24 and the NBA has 13.

That's right, among all of the great players of yester-year, not one has been able to match Brady's consistent ability to come up big when it matters most, in the Super Bowl. Brady has transcended sport and has gone from being compared to Joe Montana and Peyton Manning to the NBA G.O.A.T., Michael Jordan, who famously won six NBA championships. 

The six-title feat is particularly impressive considering that Brady accomplished it playing football, the sport with shorter professional careers and that is arguably the most challenging for an individual to dominate. Not to mention how drastically the NFL changed throughout Brady's career. The Michigan product seems to always find a way to evolve in order to ​stay on top as his career went on.

There will always be both Patriots and Brady haters, but as each year passes it becomes harder and harder to deny the greatness.

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