Cover Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Pat Mahomes was the league's best-kept secret last year as the Chiefs had a juggernaut sitting on the sidelines holding a clipboard all season. One year later and he's turned into one of the best fantasy quarterbacks of all time. 

You read that correctly. It's time to start discussing how phenomenal Mahomes has been as a fantasy football option when it comes to history. 

Right now, Mahomes has averaged the most fantasy points per game from a quarterback in the history of the league. 

Think about some of those seasons listed. A few 5,000 yards seasons, that year Mike Vick was essentially a star running back with an arm, and the year Peyton Manning shattered numerous records. None of them are as good as what Mahomes is doing right now. 

What might be even scarier is the thought of where he was selected in fantasy drafts. According to, Mahomes was the 16th ranked QB. According to standard QB scoring systems, he has 191 points this season, 25 more than the man in second place, Matt Ryan. He's more than a steal at that point--he's the reason you win a championship. 

Plus, he's broken a few records in the process. 

He'll have to continue to put up gaudy numbers to break Rodgers' record, but it's hard to doubt anything Mahomes can do at this point. 

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