Cover Photo: Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

After Utah Jazz guard/forward Joe Ingles called himself the best shooter in NBA, the likely actual best shooter in the NBA, Steph Curry responded as only an MVP would.

"That just means in Las Vegas in the Summer League in 2009, we had two of the best shooters of all time on the same team ... we got a lot in common," Curry said. Those are some humble words from arguably the best outside shooter to play the game.

And when you get props from a player like Curry, I guess it's OK to say thing like this.

An actual comparison of the two reveals that Curry shoots a lot more threes, but that Ingles isn't so far off about what he said. In the past two seasons, Ingles has made 44.1 percent of his threes while averaging 3.4 attempts per game in 2016-17 and 44 percent on 5.7 attempts per game in 2017-18. Curry made 41.1 percent on 10 attempts per game in 2016-17 and 42.3 percent on 9.8 attempts per game in 2017-18.

While Curry finished ninth overall in 3-pointers made in NBA last season with 212, the Warriors star still finished one spot ahead of guess who: Joe Ingles with 204. 

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