Cover Photo: Jim Rogash/Getty Images

We're finally starting to see the player Josh Gordon can be for the Patriots.

If you look at Monday night's game, it may not seem like he did much. No touchdowns and only a handful of catches. It's not much to really write home about, at least on the surface. What matters are the details as it proves a huge day is on the horizon. 

Gordon played a season-high in snaps while leading the team in both catches and targets.  

He's healthy and is clearly a huge part of this offense now. 

He had more catches and targets than Gronk and out-snapped Chris Hogan. He understands the playbook now and has been in multiple spots where he could've caught a touchdown. This is more than him just being a big-play threat. 

Brady himself is thrilled with Gordon's play. Not only does he think he's been impressive, but he said his new wideout can get even better. 

With more snaps come more targets. With more targets are going to come more catches and scores. 

Brady is right, the best has yet to come. 

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