When the Baltimore Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson, they picked the heir to Joe Flacco's throne and the future face of the franchise. 

It's hard to be either of those things if you lose your head. 

We've gone through just three preseason games and Baltimore isn't worried about Jackson as a passer. They're worried about how he'll be able to take all these hits defenders have been dishing out. 

Baltimore is worried Jackson is running into contact and taking unnecessary hits. 

​​No matter which way you look at it, this is bad for Jackson's fantasy stock.

Take it on one hand where the Ravens address the problem and coach Jackson to stop rushing. As of now, he doesn't have a ton of value as a passer, as he's completed just 41.9 percent of his passes for 201 yards, just under five yards per attempt, to go along with two touchdowns and one pick. On the ground, he's shown dual-threat capabilities with 72 yards in three games. His entire draw as a draft pick is his legs, which would be taking a weapon out of the phenom's hands.

On the other hand, Jackson has been getting killed on these rushing attempts. He's been scrambling for yards at a nice pace, but hasn't learned that he's playing with the big boys now, who have no problem flipping him over. 

​​At this point over three games, he hasn't taken a single slide. Teams are going to begin to key in on him which could put him on the shelf with an injury.

Whether he's hurt or is more passive when it comes to running, Jackson's fantasy implications of being a runner aren't looking too hot at the moment. 

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