VIDEO: Remembering When a Pitcher Puked His Brains Out on the Mound Mid Inning One Year Later

Remembering when this pitcher got very sick on the mound. (FoulPoleSports/Twitter)
Remembering when this pitcher got very sick on the mound. (FoulPoleSports/Twitter) /

There are moments in sports that are ingrained in your memory forever. Whether it's "The Shot" by Michael Jordan or "The Catch" by Dwight Clark, these moments live on forever and are iconic in their own right.

But there was another moment in the Northwoods League a year ago, when a pitcher from the Duluth Huskies got sick on the mound.

I've heard of many ways to psych out the batter, but this may top them all. If I'm at the plate for the La Crosse Loggers, my focus may be a bit thrown off, to say the least. While, of course, this almost certainly both an unintentional and undesirable unfortunate event for the pitcher, the result of getting into the batter's head was likely the same.

Hopefully the pitcher was alright, especially after this clip was spread around the internet. However, with the team going 16-15 last season, there was only about a fifty-fifty shot there would be a celebration after the game, so who could really blame him.

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