Cover Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

If you like plenty of basketball with a ton of breaks, then this NBA season is for you. 

The league has a ton of superstars who are getting "superstar calls." We all know that we've seen it for players like LeBron James or James Harden over the years, but it's getting much worse. Unless the NBA zebras are considering everyone a superstar now, then they're having the whistle in their mouths too often. 

There have been more fouls called per game this year than there have in the past 30 seasons. 

Not exactly a great stat if you enjoy the pace of play. 

It's unclear what's causing this. It's not just about players getting to the line often as much as it just seems like referees are calling a tighter game all across the league. 

How long this will keep up, we don't know, but the NBA might need to eventually step in and calm things down if this pace doesn't level out soon. 

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