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The Indianapolis Colts have a backfield problem, but not the kind that they're actually concerned about. 

This team has a ton of talent at the running back position between Nyheim Hines and Marlon Mack. They're both weapons, but that's not your concern. What matters to you is which player would you rather on your fantasy football roster, Mack or Hines? 

Marlon Mack - It's been a roller coaster ride for Mack. He came into the season as the starter, missed time due to injury, finally came back, and was no longer the top dog. Mack was out-snapped by Hines this week, which shows he had some work left to do, which he did. He had 91 total yards on 13 touches with a staggering 7.4 yards per carry. Mack is the do-it-all back for the Colts and should be used early and often when this team isn't getting smoked. 

Nyheim Hines - The thing that benefits Hines is his team will likely be getting smoked often as the Colts simply are not a good football team. He may not have started out as the starter, but he's certainly proved his worth to this team out of the backfield with 31 catches for 185 yards and two scores through the air. Hines may be targeted a lot, which is great for PPR leagues, but that doesn't mean he's doing the most with all those looks.

The Verdict- You can't pass up on Mack at this point. Even if he played less than Hines, he was better every single time he touched the ball. You can expect those touches to even out and go in Mack's favor as the season continues to go by with his health improving. Hines is still worth owning in PPR formats, but if you have to decide between the two, go with Mack and his enormous upside. 

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