VIDEO: Remembering When Matthew Stafford Obliterated a Titans Defender

Zach Brunner
Matthew Stafford runs over Titans defender.
Matthew Stafford runs over Titans defender. /

Matthew Stafford has quietly continued to be a solid player for the Detroit Lions over the years, despite the team around him struggling. It has been 11 long years for Stafford in Detroit, and the frustrations of losing must get to be too much sometimes. To blow off some steam, sometimes you just need to take it out on another player.

Despite there not being much room to run, Stafford scrambled in an attempt to pick up the first down. The quarterback sought out contact, hitting the truck stick on the Titans linebacker. Of course, Stafford was lit up short of the first down marker afterwards, but it's still an embarrassing clip for that defender.

Obviously, Stafford has never been viewed as a mobile quarterback or even a tough guy to bring down. What makes this clip even more impressive is thinking back to his first couple years in the league, when many thought he would be a bust due to being too injury prone.

Stafford missed 19 games in his first two NFL seasons, and he missed eight games last season. However, he has played every game in between, playing through injuries, and his toughness cannot be questioned, especially after watching a hit like that.

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