VIDEO: Remembering When Kevin Garnett Headbutted Dwight Howard

Remembering when Kevin Garnett headbutt Dwight Howard.
Remembering when Kevin Garnett headbutt Dwight Howard. / YouTube/John T

One of the most emotional athletes of all time has been Kevin Garnett. Whether it's pounding the floor or barking at opponents, KG was always doing something to either get himself hyped or in his matchup's head. However, there was a time when he used his head a bit too much.

Who could forget when he decided to headbutt Dwight Howard, back when Dwight played for the Houston Rockets.

There was little doubt that "The Big Ticket" started it, giving Howard a little shove to get him out of his space. This led to Howard shoving back, KG throwing the ball at him, then the two jawing close. Close enough for Garnett to land a headbutt, which is a rare go-to move, but also one Howard likely didn't expect.

It is not out of the ordinary to see Garnett involved in a fight. However, he's usually the one that gets his opponents riled up and trying to come after him. Here, Garnett wanted more and was ready to throw down.

KG is known to do or say anything to get opponents off their game. With that in mind, this could have been just another tactic of Garnett's.

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