VIDEO: Remembering When Kam Chancellor Made One of the Biggest Hits of His Career Against Mike Tolbert

Remembering one of the biggest hits of Kam Chancellor's career.
Remembering one of the biggest hits of Kam Chancellor's career. / YouTube: Nico

The "Legion of Boom" for the Seattle Seahawks was one of the most feared defensive units in recent NFL history. One of the most important parts to this defense was the hard-hitting play of safety Kam Chancellor.

For example, who could forget when he put one of the largest hits of his career on the big Mike Tolbert?

It was a good, clean hit by Chancellor that Tolbert may still feel if breathes in a bit too far. Body shots like these can often be felt much more than other tackles, especially when you're as solid as Tolbert.

The Carolina running back was built like a fire hydrant and listed at 5-foot-9, 243 pounds. That's a large man to be taking on head-to-head, and Chancellor de-cleated him, showing everyone where the "boom" in "Legion of Boom" comes from.

Chancellor finished the game with 10 tackles and an interception, but it would be the Carolina Panthers that came away with a four-point win to keep their perfect record going. Though Tolbert did not contribute much, with him carrying the ball just two more times for three more yards.

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