VIDEO: Remembering When Joe Kelly Started a Benches Clearing Brawl Against the Yankees

Zach Brunner
Remembering when Joe Kelly started a bench-clearing brawl.
Remembering when Joe Kelly started a bench-clearing brawl. / All Baseball All The Time/YouTube

There is no love lost between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. The two teams often sport heated matchups that can turn physical. That was the case in this bench-clearing brawl, which featured Tyler Austin rushing the mound on Joe Kelly.

When simply watching this video, it looks like Kelly beamed Austin, which led to clearing the bullpen and punches being exchanged. However, this was the second time in the game that the bullpens cleared.

During the third inning, Austin took a hard slide into second base, catching Brock Holt's leg with his spikes. What Kelly did here was in retaliation, and it actually looked like he tried to hit him a couple pitches sooner.

Ultimately, he smacked Austin in the ribs, which led to him shouting "let's go!" That's when the brawl got started and everyone else got involved. The big Aaron Judge cleared about six guys himself. Rightfully, nobody wanted any part in getting involved with him.

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