VIDEO: Remembering When Jay Cutler Absolutely Trucked a Steelers Defender

Zach Brunner
Jay Cutler trucks a Steelers defender.
Jay Cutler trucks a Steelers defender. /

Jay Cutler has been the butt of jokes throughout his entire NFL career, even continuing into his post-playing days. However, he made sure he wasn't the one being laughed at in this throwback play against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cutler has rarely had his skills as a quarterback questioned in his career. Rather, it's his mental game that gets criticized, with many focusing on his apparent lack of motivation and toughness. Well, he was motivated to hit someone on this play.

When watching this play, you would think Cutler has had a lot of experience hitting opponents. However, while he has thrown 160 interceptions, including leading the league in two seasons, Cutler has recorded just one tackle in his career. He clearly wasn't afraid of contact though, dealing out punishment with the ball in his hands.

While his career will not be remembered too fondly by many, this is a clip that could stand out in Cutler's highlight reel.

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